Prudential Research Shows Advisers Turn to With-Profits Investments

TEP - 27 May 2010

New research* from Prudential shows that up to a third of advisers expect to recommend with-profits products to clients this year.

30 per cent of financial advisers expect to advise clients to invest in with-profits products during 2010. 

Prudential, whose with-profits fund returned 18.9 per cent in 2009 and paid out £2 billion to policyholders, believes with-profits are increasing in popularity as advisers look for investment products which aim to deliver long-term and steady returns.

Andy Brown, Director of Investment Funds at Prudential, said: "With-profits sales have strengthened in the past 18 months as investors have looked for more cautious alternatives to pure equity investment and the growing interest looks set to continue into 2010 despite the strong recovery in the stock market.