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UK Insurer Declared 8.6% Annual Returns for Endowment plans Print E-mail

UK Insurer made 17.7% returns on with-profit fund and annual returns of 8.6% for Endowment plans Some of you might be doubtful of U.K. insurers’ ability to generate average annual compounded returns of 8% on their Endowment policies when Singapore’s currently only give about 3% to 4% returns on Endowment policies. 

Well, because Singapore insurers generate investment returns of only about 4% to 5% on their with profits fund (note: when a person buys a traditional endowment policy, the money is invested in this “pool” known as the with profits funds of the insurance co.

UK pound set for biggest annual gain Print E-mail

The pound is headed for its biggest annual advance since 1990 as it became the world's third-most popular reserve currency.

'Dollar weakness manifests itself through the pound more than the euro because there is no verbal intervention factor in the UK,' said Neil Jones, head of European hedge fund sales in London for Mizuho Financial Group Inc, Japan's second-biggest lender. 'We are looking for the pound to hit US$2...

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