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Our strength:

1)       Transparency: All trades are verified by 3rd party at

2)       Ownership: Clients have full ownership of their broker account. Withdrawal can only be made by the owner of the broker account

3)       Liquidity: Client can withdraw their capital easily as there is no lock in period. Minimally clients should trade at least 1 month (Aggressive or Standard risk) or 3 months (Low risk)

4)       High Profit: Based on our past performance, we managed to achieve an average of 5% return per month

5)       Fees: Only 30% Performance Fee based on High Water Mark. There is no management fee

6)       Risk Management: Every trading account can set an account stop loss at 40%, 20% or 10%

7)       Peace of Mind: Client does not need to monitor the market or manage their positions. Our professional traders will manage them