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We have well-established working relationships with all the major market makers in the UK. Every week, these major market makers feed TEP Pte Limited with their product lists.  

Not every policy from the Market Maker is included in our TEPs Sale List. Every week, we evaluate, select and compile under our stringent criteria a list of QUALITY policies for our clients.

Each week, hundreds of policies did not pass our stringent criteria and were rejected. The result? A comprehensive and customized list of quality TEPs Sale List to suit every investor needs.  

At any one time, we have more than 100 policies for our partners to select. It is by far the most comprehensive list of high quality TEPs which we term as TEPs Sale List. 

TEP Pte Limited is a TEP specialist. It means, we do not handle other investment product, except TEPs. We are focus in servicing our clients and ensuring that every aspect of the assignment process is done properly and accurately.   

We have a dedicated, experienced team of TEP specialists in Singapore and the UK, who knows every aspect of the TEP assignment process. The end result is a smooth investment process leading to satisfied clients.  

TEP Pte Limited has also pioneered a seamless and integrated system to facilitate the assignment process with the market makers and solicitor firm. As a result, we can offer our investors a one-window system for the assignment process.  

Whether you are an investor, financial adviser, agency or a financial firm in any part of the world, TEP Pte Limited can add significant value to you and your operations.

Financial firms around the world who wish to market TEP need not invest resources in managing the assignment process. They can save tremendous amount of human capital, time, effort and financial resources just by working with TEP Pte Limited. 

This is the primary reason why many financial firms and investors around the world, such as Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, and more choose to work with TEP Pte Limited. 

With TEP Pte Limited, you and your clients have the assurance of dealing with a professional team of TEP specialist. 

TEP Pte Limited is already the PRIMARY SOURCE for QUALITY TEPs to many IFAs around the world.

Let TEP Pte Limited be your primary source of quality TEPs.

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